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Download Apex Legends Mobile Apk For Android

Apex Legends For Android

Apex Legends Mobile: Fortnite Titanfall sauce?

The race for the battle royale games is far from over. When there's more, there's more. Like all the major publishers in the video game world, Electronic Arts also wants its share of the cake. With the help of the Respawn Entertainment studio, he proposes Apex Legends. This is a royal battle battle shooting game that immerses the player in the world of Titanfall. The title, which is relatively well received by the community, will benefit from the sounds of corridors of a mobile port.

An expected mobile version

On the menu of this free to play, you will find a host of weapons and accessories typical of Titanfall and new ones. In this game, which features very high quality graphics, you will explore the map in search of resources to improve your equipment. Different characters are available, each with specific abilities that you may or may not like depending on your playing style. The goal will obviously be to be the last player to survive on a map that is gradually shrinking.

A release date for Apex Legends on Android?

For the moment, Electronic Arts has not communicated on the release date of Apex Legends. One thing is certain: the Canadian firm is working on the development of a cross-platform solution.

Will Apex Legends Mobile be compatible with your smartphone?

The Electronic Arts fortnite will probably be playable on the latest mobiles. Given the quality of the graphics, the game will be supported by high-end smartphones equipped with high-performance graphics processors (Adreno 630 and Mali-G72 for example). We will know more when the list of specificities is communicated by Electronic Arts.

Apex Legends For Android Free Download
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